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Multiplayer madness returns in this anarchic platforming gadget-vania sequel. Don't let the great Leek take over the Galaxy in Space Farmers 2; The Space Time Leek.

Battle and puzzle your way through multiple levels across several areas of a pie making space station in order to save the sentient vegetables from their current fate. Work alone or with friends to defeat the Space Time Leek as he puts his plans in motion to become the biggest pie maker in the galaxy.

Do you like Farmers? So you like Space?

Do you like Turnips?

Then you're gonna love Space Farmers 2.

The Demo! Look at the Demo!
For a short while we'll be releasing the latest updates as the demo on Steam. This will be until the game develops past a point we deem to be too complex to continuously update the demo.

Try the demo, then let us know what you think so far. We're open to suggestions and ideas.

Here's what we got now

  • Up to 4 player local co-op (use Remote play to join in over the internet)
  • Carefully thought out platforming mechanics built from the ground up
  • A game lobby to allow others to join (or you can play single player)
  • The first level where on arrival to the Great Manufacturing Plant you're immediately set upon by it's evil inhabitants...

We're developing a roadmap on where we want to go with the game, but right now we're concentrating on getting the core mechanics right.

Download demo

SpaceFarmers2_Demo_2020-05-13.zip 20 MB

Development log